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  The education and outreach efforts of the Zero Energy Idea House are made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, who represent the best in green design, construction, products, and professional services. We deeply appreciate their contributions to this project.

For information on becoming a sponsor, click here or contact Donna Shirey, Shirey Contracting, 425-427-1300, .


Ambiente is proud to partner with The Shirey's for the Zero Energy Idea House.  We have carefully thought of and selected sustainably produced and durable materials for the home that help create and foster healthy indoors.

Adding value through products that offer an extended life cycle & low maintenance, helped drive the overall look and feel of the project itself.  We focused on showcasing products made from post industrial waste (Fortis Arbor), made within 500 mile radius (Encore), with low VOC that are made from recycled post industrial and post consumer glass (Metropol & Oceanside), that are high fire & vitreous (Villeroy & Boch) and are Cradle to Cradle certified (Icestone).

We are excited to see the integration of successful green design come together with beautiful, durable surfaces.

For more information please visit:

(206) 524-2113

Architectural Design

CBA is a local design firm with extensive leadership experience on a broad spectrum of award-winning buildings throughout the Puget Sound region. Sustainable practice is at the core of our firm.

As principal architect for the Zero Energy Idea House, Clinkston Brunner led the design process with emphasis to fully integrate the sustainable systems and features with the architectural design. An important concept is that the building largely “explains itself” to the public at first sight, without need for extensive descriptions. The PV panels, solar hot water panels, green roofs, and windmill are all visible from West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

We managed a team of landscape architects, geotechnical, civil, and structural engineers, to secure a Building Permit and Critical Area Permit from the City of Bellevue in a complex and rigorous process.

Clients consistently tell us they value our ability to listen. While we are considered strong designers, we take equal pride in our ability to communicate.

(206) 284-8055


Miele has partnered with Crossroad's Appliance to showcase the latest in luxury appliances. The Zero Energy Home will feature the new Miele Refrigerator and Freezer, Miele Induction Cooktop, Miele Steam Oven, Miele Wall oven, Miele Speed oven, Miele Dishwasher, and the Miele Washer and Dryer.

Caring for the environment reflects the Miele family's deep-felt vision of Immer Besser or Forever Better. Forever means doing everything they can today to protect and preserve the planet's finite resources for tomorrow. This guiding principle permeates every aspect of the Miele organization—creating demanding standards for global and personal responsibility.

Featuring production facilities that far exceed the most stringent environmental regulations, appliances that surpass Energy Star® guidelines by over 45%, products offering a life expectancy of twenty plus years, manufacturing technology that delivers 90% recyclable goods and corporate offices designed to maximize the conservation of light, water, energy and  even paper—Miele cherishes our natural resources.

Please visit for more information


or visit your local dealer at


Building Materials and Finishes

Since 1992, ecohaus (formerly the Environmental Home Center ) has supplied the Pacific Northwest with the best in low-toxic, environmentally friendly building materials. Our role in this effort is to supply low toxic, environmentally friendly building materials and finishes to the Shirey's project, adding Health and Sustainability to the home's Energy Efficiency. We are providing a wide range of materials to the house including: Engineered flooring made with no-VOC adhesives; wheat core doors (made from post-industrial waste); 0-VOC paints throughout; and our low-toxic, repairable, OSMO wood finish. Our showrooms in Bellevue and Seattle showcase a full range of solutions for commercial and residential use that are healthy for people and ecosystems: Carpet, Toilets, Tiles, Paints, Insulation, Marmoleum, Decking, Natural Earth Plaster, Wood Stoves and more!

Visit for more information and locations.

Glassworks combines the translucent properties of glass, the energy of design, and the focus of purpose to create one-of-a kind architectural works-of-art for commercial and residential settings. Dedicated to partnering with interdisciplinary design and fabricating teams, Glassworks is deeply committed to sustainable fabrication and alternative building practices. Glassworks' repertoire includes fused, slumped, etched, carved, cast, and leaded glass. Actively involved in integrating recycled glass into its glass offerings, Tish Oye, principal of Glassworks, is a LEED AP.
Glassworks is located in Seattle, WA.

For more information, please call us at 206.441.4268
Or visit us at:

Structural Insulated Panels

INSULSPAN Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) System congratulates Donna and Riley Shirey for the construction of the Zero Energy Idea House and we are pleased to have been selected as the provider of the SIPs for this break-through project utilizing SIP walls, roofs and floors.

The INSULSPAN SIP System promotes Sustainable Products through our SIPs and other PFB Corporation Products. These products reduce construction and operating costs in buildings, reduce greenhouse gases, and significantly reduces energy consumption.

INSULSPAN SIPs have been recognized as one of the TOP 10 Green Building Products of 2007 by Sustainable Building Industries, providing not only an energy efficient structure, but a strong and secure building envelope. For more than 27 years the knowledge and experience of INSULSPAN has led the industry in the development and manufacturing of SIPs utilizing industry leading production technology and equipment.

INSULSPAN is a solution providing company and for more information visit

Photography and Website

The professionals at Northwest Property Imaging, Inc. , are your visual presentation experts, specializing in environmentally friendly digital media. From magazine-quality still photographs to multi-media displays, NWPI translates your goals into eye-catching results that inspire and motivate. In addition to serving leading homebuilders, remodeling contractors, real estate firms, and other businesses, NWPI is proud to be the Official Photographer of the 2007 Seattle Street of Dreams and of green showcase projects including the Built Green Home at Suncadia, Going Green at the Beach, the Puyallup Tribe's Elder Healthy Home, and the Zero Energy Idea House at Bass Cove.

NWPI offers a complete array of services to meet your needs, including:

•  Still photography for all your print and digital materials;
•  Virtual tours that draw viewers into your scenes;
•  Videography to captures your important moments;
•  Aerial photography to put your work in context;
•  PowerPoint presentations that captivate your audiences;
•  Web design and hosting to share your message with the world.

(206) 870-0968


Most builders are considering the entire lifecycle of the products they put into their green homes. The Shireys selected Milgard's fiberglass windows and doors as the material of choice for this Zero Energy Home.  Fiberglass is the strongest and arguably the most durable window material available. It won't rot, warp, rust or corrode. It also won't harbor mold growth. Fiberglass also has a very low coefficient of expansion. The fiberglass frame and the glass panes expand and contract at the same rate, which puts less stress on the seals.  As a result, fiberglass has exceptional longevity plus consistent thermal performance over its lifetime.

Another benefit of fiberglass is that it can be painted.    Milgard's offers seven standard water-based  and odorless factory- applied finishes. On Milgard's fiberglass WoodClad(TM) Series, homeowners can enjoy real wood interior  veneer for warmth and style without the maintenance headaches of a solid core wood window. 

Milgard manufactures fiberglass windows locally, right in Tacoma. Closer to you is always better.


Mitchell Mechanical, Inc has been retained on the Zero Energy Idea Home to help take zero energy as a concept and turn it into a reality. Mitchell Mechanical, Inc specializes in the integration of smart energy systems using a combination of the following technologies:  Radiant Heat, Solar Thermal (Hot Water), Solar PV (Electricity), Geothermal, Forced Air, Air or Water based Heat Pumps and Controls.

The Energy System For The Zero Energy Idea Home:

•  Radiant heat with hydronic heat pump (heat)
•  Solar Thermal hot water system (hot water)
•  Solar Photovoltaic system (electricity)
•  High efficiency hot water tank (back up hot water/heat)

By integrating these systems the only energy needed from the utility is for back up hot water and heat supplied by #4. 

We can now truly make our homes almost entirely self-sustaining from an energy use standpoint and we are thrilled to be a part of the Zero Energy Idea Home Project!  


Cabinetry / Design:

Savvy and Pacific Crest…. partners in creating beautiful ‘green' kitchens.

Savvy Cabinetry by Design is your source for innovative design ideas and detailed service.  Our talented designers have the ability to conceptualize the nuances of any style. Combine your vision with our imagination to turn the kitchen or bath of your dreams into reality.

Let Savvy Cabinetry by Design help you realize your ideas.


Pacific Crest Industries is a Northwest leader in building eco-friendly cabinetry with long-lasting durability. Both the Bellmont and Amero product lines are built responsibly under a holistic approach to eco-sensitive manufacturing that addresses sustainability, air quality, waste management, and social stewardship.

Pacific Crest Industries builds cabinets with a conscience.

SLDS is a professional team of architectural lighting designers under the umbrella of Seattle Lighting Fixture Company, in business in the Northwest since 1917. We are proud to partner with Shirey Contracting on the Zero Energy Idea House.

The design team is committed to providing architects, interior designers, builders and homeowners with detailed lighting design plans that enhance visual drama as well as the functionality of each project; whether it's new construction or a remodel, large or small, Design Services is prepared to handle a wide range of projects. Dimming controls and energy considerations are also important factors reviewed during the design process.

Design Services is fee based depending on the size and type of project, and separate from the sale of lighting equipment. If you are working on a new construction project, remodel, spec home, custom home, office space, retail space, hotel or restaurant, or simply want an on-site consultation, please call 1. 800.689.1000 and ask to speak with one of the team members.

Green Roof and Rainwater Harvesting

David C. Hilgers, Landscape Architect, LEED-AP
Triad Associates

As the project Landscape Architect overseeing the green roof and rain water harvesting portions of the home, I have enjoyed the collaborative nature of the design process. Being involved in the Zero Energy Idea House has reinforced my belief that in order to achieve true sustainable design coordination with all disciplines must occur early and often. The green roof and rainwater harvesting elements of the home are just a part of the overall story, and through this collaboration, are seamlessly integrated with the other energy saving and environmentally conscious techniques incorporated within the design. Triad Associates was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Kirkland. The 80-employee firm's services include project management, civil engineering, site design, landscape architecture, land planning, and surveying.


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New Edge Design is one of the leading Artisans of decorative concrete products (see website) in Northwest Washington. Why concrete? Concrete is the most durable building product in existence. Because of its clean look, longevity and its main materials, sand and water (which are in abundant supply), concrete countertops are more environmentally friendly, or “greener” than most other types of countertops. Why New Edge Design? We are always searching for and experimenting with new and exciting ideas to provide our clients with fresh and innovative designs and options. As a multiple award winning and nationally recognized company our main goal is to provide our clients with exceptional quality concrete products designed to artistically express their individual needs.



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